Start an online business with minimal resources

We live in a world where all doors and gates are open to every business. Customs borders have been removed in the EU, the movement of goods is freer than ever. It is clear that companies in Germany should do everything they can to take advantage of these opportunities by expanding abroad. Good products that work here also work in Poland, Spain, Estonia and Italy. You just have to make sure that the supply chain is organised accordingly. Small producers shy away from this step. They think it complicates the corporate structures. But it can be done without. The whole shebang can be outsourced, while you can concentrate on what you do best. Expansion via the web, with minimal infrastructure – it’s possible. With the help of a fulfilment centre.

How can a fulfilment centre help with expansion?

If a company wants to expand its online business, it has a lot of work to do. A complete merchandise management system would have to be installed, as well as an extensive logistics chain. Somehow the products have to get to the customer. As a company with a complex product range, it is not so easy to send parcels by post. Moreover, it’s not just about posting consignments. The entire ordering process should be automated. Incoming and outgoing deliveries must be recorded correctly. That means: recorded in accounting and in materials management, etc.

This is exactly the kind of task that external service providers can help with. The experts from the Fulfillment Center in Berlin, for example, specialise in these challenges. You can see them here in the video:

Such companies sometimes offer different services. But the goal is always the same: fulfilment. And that means someone makes sure you get your deliveries out to customers on time and correctly. Some providers operate worldwide, others have specialised in certain regions, such as the EU or Asia.

This topic was a real market niche some time ago. On the one hand, there are many excellent companies in Germany. But they were still somewhat shy about using the possibilities of the web and international trade. That’s why logistics service providers and freight forwarders set out to do more than just transport. Instead, they offer full-service packages. They even design the online store for the producers. Then they take care of the entire warehouse management and delivery. Basically, the customers only have to collect the orders on their websites. These are then forwarded online to the fulfilment centre. There, they make sure that all orders are processed correctly. It’s clearly a win-win. Logistics companies get themselves more delivery orders. Small companies open up new markets and expand their turnover with minimal resources.