What to keep in mind when cleaning buildings

A friend of mine who lives in Munich works as a site manager in the construction industry. Recently he gave me interesting insights about the process it takes to erect a building.

As site manager, he is responsible for coordinating all parties involved. This is very demanding, especially at the beginning, but also during the construction phase, and requires a thick skin. If you’re not resistant to stress, you won’t last long.

He explained the process using the example of a larger residential building in Munich. The various craftsmen have to be coordinated in a meaningful way. Shifts in appointments and breakdowns are common. “You can only rely on one thing,” said my friend, “namely that you cannot rely on anything”.

But it is not only the completion of the work that lies within his area of responsibility, but also the assurance of quality. He is the first point of contact for the client and also the central point of contact for the workers and subcontractors.

At the end of the project a professional building cleaning is carried out. This cannot be compared to a simple cleaning task, but requires a special procedure.

While searching for a cleaning service in Munich, my acquaintance had to pay attention to several points.

Above all, reliability is important. It already goes wrong on a building site enough, therefore one should intercept as much as possible in advance, which could lead to problems later. Personally, I can well understand that. Mistakes happen again and again, that’s human. But unreliability is the greatest annoyance for me.

A building cleaning from Munich or nearby is of large advantage. This also prevents unnecessary loss of time due to long journeys or traffic jams. The site manager can also obtain opinions on site from reference customers or colleagues as to whether and how reliably and thoroughly the construction cleaning has worked.

Those who now believe that they can save costs and simply hire a “normal” cleaning team will be disappointed. Toxic waste is generated on construction sites. Often impurities must be removed with special chemical means, which can damage the health or the object which can be cleaned with improper handling.

Above all, the environmentally friendly and legally compliant disposal of the resulting waste and building rubble is a science in itself. Anyone who relies on a professional will play it safe.

A large building cleaning from the range Munich has in addition the advantage in relation to small enterprises that one can engage these also after the building phase for changes or the regular office cleaning. If one was satisfied with its Dienstleister, why not simply durably cooperate with this?