Soap with activated carbon – strong against acne

Acne is like a curse to sufferers. It usually develops during puberty – a time when young people already have more than enough to cope with in life. Then there is this terrible rash, which persists for years and is seemingly invincible. But there are always individual products and aids that make an improvement possible. What are these?

How does acne develop?

When puberty begins, there is an extensive change in the hormone balance in the body of every human being. The body becomes adult, so to speak. During this phase, sebum production in the glands of the facial skin increases to an unusually high degree in some people. This is due to so-called androgens. This is a hormone that occurs mainly in men, but only to a small extent in women. For this reason, most victims of acne are young men – to a lesser extent women can also be affected.

In addition to increased sebum excretion, horn material is also produced. These skin particles clog the pores so that the sebum can no longer be excreted as before.

Deposits accumulate in the gland. If bacteria penetrate such a pore, purulent infections occur. This leads to these typical yellow pus spots that are so terribly unpleasant for humans.

What helps against acne?

A certain remedy has not grown against the skin disease, but a bundle of measures shows the best effect.

On the one hand, it is important to pay attention to facial hygiene. The pores can be opened with suitable cosmetics. Antibacterial agents then remove the deposits and dam up inflammations. It is important that the care is carried out regularly, then it shows the best results.

A further component is nutrition. There are a number of foods that should be virtually taboo in acne. Their ingredients stimulate the sebum production and lead to an increased fat and horn material formation on the skin. Those who avoid it deprive acne of its basis of life. These foods are unfavourable. Therefore:

  • eat little meat
  • not drink milk
  • abandon sweets

Those who adhere to these measures will certainly experience improvements in skin appearance.

Which cosmetics work well against acne?

All products that help to remove fat, kill bacteria and protect the PH value of the skin are helpful. One that combines these properties is Carbonoir – a black soap with activated carbon.

This soap has been developed by experts in such a way that it simultaneously acts as a lever to combat acne in every conceivable way. If you look at the composition, you will quickly see why:

  • activated carbon
  • coconut oil
  • olive oil
  • shea butter

Activated carbon has a structure that looks a bit like a peeling. The porous, coarse-grained carbon can open the pores and remove horn material. In technology and medicine, their abilities are used to absorb toxins. This is why it cleans pores so thoroughly and fights bacteria so effectively.

The coconut oil cleanses the skin with a light foam. It gently dissolves impurities and fat layers.

Olive oil in turn provides the skin with a new and healthy layer of fat. It is important so that the skin does not become dry. Because in such places cracks could form and bacteria could penetrate. The oil contains antioxidants which help the skin to recover.

Shea butter is also responsible for the regeneration of the skin. It contains vitamins and important fatty acids. In this way, the skin remains well supplied and maintains its natural PH value.

Carbonoir soap is so gentle and gentle in its effect that it can even be used on babies from the age of 3 months.


Acne comes at exactly the wrong time for many young people. They are in a phase where they determine their position in society. They discover who they are and develop their self-confidence. But how are the young people who are so badly affected by acne that they have no chance of finding a partner? They also have to struggle with the intolerance and mockery of others. It’s certainly not easy to get through this, because it can affect your self-esteem for the rest of your life.

Most people have spent a lot of money in the course of their lives on products that someone has recommended to them. Unfortunately, they have not always helped. However, this is almost normal in the cosmetic field. Because what healing means for some people causes allergic rashes or a worsening of symptoms for others. People are different. Therefore it is important to try as much as possible. Sometimes you are lucky and find that one.