What does a washing machine have to do with financial freedom?

Life is full of strategic decisions. If you make as many of them as possible correctly, you will notice in old age at the latest that the people around you have less money and do not live as well as you do. What does that have to do with a washing machine? A lot. Because it is one of the items that almost every household has. And it is one of the appliances where smart, strategic thinking can save money. If you understand the basic principles behind it, you will be able to apply these methods to all other cost-intensive purchases.

Buying a washing machine – what’s the best way to go about it?

Clean clothes are a must. Therefore, it is normal that almost every household has a machine that can be used to clean them. But how do you go about buying a washing machine?

What kind of washing machine should it be?

Basically, when it comes to washing machines, there is a choice between front loaders and top loaders. Top-loaders are usually a little more expensive than front-loaders. If you have enough space, you should go straight for a front-loader. The only problem is that you might have to move house at some point. Maybe because of a job, a change in relationship status or the arrival of children. In that case, the front loader could become cramped in a new flat. In that case, the front loader would have to be sold and a top loader would have to be bought.

Conclusion: If you are sure that there will be no spatial changes, then a front-loader is definitely more economical.

Should I buy a tumble dryer with the washing machine?

Whether you should buy a tumble dryer with your washing machine depends on how much space you have. On the one hand for the dryer. On the other, for when you want to hang up laundry.

Conclusion: If you have enough capacity for this, a tumble dryer is actually a luxury. It costs money and uses electricity.

Which brand should it be?

At the moment, there is a lack of clarity on the markets. In the past, things were clear:

  • Expensive is good, that is quality.
  • Cheap is cheaper, but the quality is worse.

Today, these truths no longer seem to apply. There are top products for little money, there are junk products for a lot or for little money and there are incredibly good products that also cost a lot. The problem is: unfortunately, you don’t know which is which.

If you look at customer reviews, that can help. But on the other hand, it’s dangerous. Most people post their reviews shortly after buying a product. At that time, it is not yet clear whether a washing machine will last longer or whether it will be defective after a short time.

Conclusion: We recommend to follow the tests of independent test institutes instead of relying on comments of laymen. Or, ask a washing machine fitter for his opinion.

Long-term warranty?

Many dealers offer an extended warranty for their washing machines. This is supposed to show how convinced they are of the quality. Sometimes, however, it backfires. For example, when the fitter comes and then surprisingly quickly comes to the conclusion that the appliance is defective due to improper use. This is because the manual contains countless instructions on care and cleaning. If you do not follow these instructions, you will lose your warranty.

Conclusion: An extended warranty is more advisable for washing machines that have a very high price tag. In other words, where a defect can cause a lot of damage. A cheap brand, on the other hand, can be quickly and cheaply replaced by another.