Children’s birthday party – how to decorate properly?

When it comes to parties and celebrations, children are much more receptive to positive emotions than adults. They rejoice with an honesty and intensity that we unfortunately lose at some point in our lives. That’s why it’s still incredibly important for them to decorate a party visually. Older generations sometimes like to celebrate in a simple and minimalist way. This should definitely not be the case with the younger ones. You only live once. If you want to give your children a treat, you should really let it rip while they are still enjoying it so much. This includes, above all, the perfect party decorations.

Which party decorations are popular for children’s birthday parties?

Decorating a child’s birthday party beautifully can be a complex undertaking. You can spend a lot of money on party articles. But there is also the possibility to achieve a lot without digging deep into your own pocket. Here are our top tips for those party decorations that can achieve a lot of effect while spending relatively little.


Balloons belong at every children’s party. Preferably in large masses. They seem to have a magical attraction to them. As soon as there is a balloon somewhere, the little ones run and bang and knock on it. Fun is guaranteed.

Balloons are available in packs of hundreds for minimal amounts. It is important to buy a balloon pump. Because blowing up 20 or 50 balloons with your mouth can seriously endanger your health.

Foil balloons

Foil balloons are also very popular. These are air or gas balloons with beautiful designs. They cost a little more than simple balloons. But they make children’s eyes pop out of their heads and they also cause a lot of excitement. Especially when each child gets to take one home.

Party pennants

A pennant chain, also called a garland, is one of the most popular party items. For children, it makes sense to choose them with a motif. For example, with Paw Patrol, Fireman Sam or Start Wars – whatever their favourite character or series is. With one or more garlands, a room can be completely transformed. In just a few seconds, the dining room looks like a party den.

Paper streamers

Paper streamers are also a big hit. On the one hand, they are fun to blow around. For another, they look decorative everywhere. Laying them on the dining table or hanging them on cupboards, walls, lamps, etc. looks tremendously good.

Candle holder with age indicator

A great party decoration is a candle holder with the age of the child displayed on the numbers. Such sets are available as a complete package. They contain the numbers from 0-9. So as long as the child’s age is in the single digits, the small set can be used. It is particularly popular because it has a real candle on it. Today’s children hardly ever see real fire. Therefore, the burning candle exerts a magical attraction on the eyes of those present and gives the party a festive touch.