The success factor in digitalisation – the human being

The transformation from an “analogue company” to a digital one is not that easy. It does not only involve the latest hardware and software. The decisive factor for successful digitisation and a digital transformation is the human being. The employee is at the centre of everything. He or she should be taken along, taken seriously and supported accordingly. Ultimately, the employee is the one who should use the new hardware and software and live agility.

How do digital teams successfully contribute to digitalisation?

Digital teams and meetings now characterise the everyday life of many. Collaboration must be organised digitally across regional, national and cultural boundaries. Mobile working will continue to increase and is even expected by many employees as a way to increase work-life balance. But the lack of personal contact in an increasing digitalisation must also be managed. For virtual teams, structure is therefore all the more important. Clearly defined goals, rules and guidelines that steer the way of working along certain lines are an important prerequisite. Regular virtual meetings should be on the agenda. It is important to maintain contact with colleagues. The use of communication tools can support this even more. Everyone can quickly and easily communicate what they are working on and contact colleagues specifically. Too much communication is therefore rather better. And it should not only be professional. Virtual coffee breaks are a useful tip here to strengthen togetherness in teams.

How can employees be involved in the digitalisation of processes?

It is also crucial for digitalisation to rethink entire processes. In some cases, entire business models are changing. The processes and their sequences must therefore be rethought from the ground up. For example, in the course of increased digitalisation, customers can also contact you via new channels that fundamentally change the handling processes. It is not only powerful IT that is important here. For a successful change of processes, the mentality and skills of the employees are also important. Many people are hesitant and dismissive of change. But they are the ones who become the key to digitalisation. The mentality is what counts. A prerequisite here is the extent to which the boss embodies this mentality. Agility is usually demanded. But the boss should also exemplify it so that it can be brought to life. Only then will the employees follow. For this openness to change, employees also need the appropriate skills. Often, expensive IT systems are implemented, but comprehensive training is usually disregarded. If employees also feel competent in using new IT systems, they will actually use them.

Show the world who you are

Event though the word is getting more and more digital, people will be emotional beings. That´s why one should always do a mix in strategy, where people still can see your personality. If you are self emloyed or your run a company, tell them about yourself, like in this example here: So the customers won´t perceive you as an anonymous organization, but a real person.