The best tips for bridal fashion from modern Berlin

Wedding dress, wedding suit for men and bridal accessories. Everything must be coordinated for the big day. Which bridal fashions make the bride shine? How can wedding fashion for men also be cool and stylish? Berlin stands for a modern style in bridal fashion. Here you will find the best tips for your dream wedding.

These wedding dresses fit your figure best

The suitable dress for your dream wedding. A real challenge. The expert for bridal fashion Berlin shows what is important: bridal fashion in A-line, mermaid, princess or empire style are classics and let different silhouettes look more advantageous. A-line dresses follow the shape of the letter A. The top is cut tightly and ends at the bottom in a flared skirt. This makes it suitable for narrow upper bodies and for concealing the stomach and hips. In Empire style, the waist starts below the bust and merges into a flared skirt. The décolleté is optimally staged. Belly and waist are concealed. A-line and empire style wedding dresses are ideal for pregnant women. Bridal fashion in XXL are also cut in these two styles. For both applies: Feel comfortable in your bridal fashion. Then they shine all by themselves on their most beautiful day. A bridal gown in mermaid style is cut figure-hugging. Below the bottom or knee the skirt begins. In the princess style the top is cut close fitting. The waist is tight and merges into a wide flared skirt.

Bridal accessories and bridal shoes

The bridal outfit is only perfect with important bridal accessories. Bridal shoes, bridal veil, bolero, hair decoration, handbag, gloves up to the garter. All bridal accessories are best bought in the bridal fashion store. The bridal veil should match the bridal gown in color and style. A veil can make a wedding dress even more attractive. Many brides also use hair ornaments as bridal accessories instead. Also a tiara, a hairband or a hair arrangement with pearls or feathers can be a beautiful alternative to a veil.

The groom: Match the men’s suit to the bridal gown.

Wedding fashion for the man should be coordinated with the wedding dress. The groom should also feel comfortable in his suit in the first place. Most popular are wedding suits in black or dark blue. These are the easiest to combine with the wedding dress. A beige suit fits perfectly with a cream-colored wedding dress. Accents they set best with a tie or a bow tie. With a tuxedo the groom is stylishly dressed and is definitely the right choice. If you want to look particularly elegant, choose a tailcoat, matching with a white bow and black patent leather shoes. This fits perfectly for modern Berlin.