Letter of motivation – the key to success

There are studies on graduates of elite universities, which lead to interesting insights into who will later earn a lot of money and who less. It is said that such people can be recognized in the motivation letter. This says much more than you think. That’s why they have a special meaning in applications.

Why an applicants motivation is so important

The above-mentioned studies showed that of the graduates of the American elite universities, those people who knew in their youth what they wanted to do later generate about 80% of the income of all graduates.

In other words: among all these top people, there is once again a crème de la crème of students who achieve much more than their fellow students. The reason for this is their motivation. They know what they want. Since they are children, their activities are focused on achieving their goals. Already at school they start to get smart about the topic and complete their first internships that fit in. It is not for nothing that it has been customary at top Anglo-Saxon universities for hundreds of years to introduce themselves with a letter of motivation. This can be the deciding factor. It is the easiest way to identify the right candidates.

For this reason, in recent years companies have increasingly been relying on applications containing such letters. Certificates only show grades. But a unique motivational letter lets you look deep into the thoughts of the applicants. One wants to pick out those who are likely to apply for the right reasons. It doesn’t matter whether they are applying for a job or for a university.

Such a requirement is naturally a very special challenge. Every system has its gaps. For example, there are people who are true geniuses in what they do. Unfortunately, they are not so verbally expressive to convey what they really think and feel. On the other hand, there are those who know exactly what others want to hear to please them. With this selection criterion there will be winners and losers on both sides.

Our recommendation is to attach great importance to the letter of motivation. Its importance cannot be overestimated. It is probably the factor that could make the difference most if all other qualifications are the same. Because companies assume that “the right” people will do the job with the highest commitment.

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