Swimming courses for children – why they are so important

When people are born as babies, the most important years in their development begin. In the initial phase of life, important circuits in the brain are “shifted”, which will have a great influence on the later ability to learn. Parents should therefore do everything possible to encourage such developments as early as possible.

How do children develop?

For some parents it is irritating when they compare their toddlers with their peers. One child can speak, another can’t, but they can run or throw the ball. That is normal. Because with children it is the case that they decide internally for one ability, on which they concentrate and only when this is completed, then they move on to the next.

However, once a child has developed the coordination he or she needs in everyday life, the development stops until something “new” is presented in this area. Parents can do something here.

For this reason, it is important that parents go out with their children a lot and do movement exercises with them. Climbing on the playground is also part of this. Climbing a ladder, keeping one’s balance and the like – all this contributes to a positive development. Research shows that children’s learning ability is much better when they move around a lot. The more positive input, the better the head works.

A very important contribution in this sense can be made by dealing with water at an early stage. Baby swimming and swimming courses for children are extremely helpful in developing body awareness and coordination. There is, for example, the changed body feeling in the water. Through a swimming course, children learn early on that they have to move differently in this realm. Later, when the swimming movements are added, their coordination improves significantly.

Life is often like this: one ability provides the basis for another. If you can’t walk, you can’t jump. It is the same with swimming. If children attend a swimming course at an early age, they have an important basis for being able to initiate further developments in the brain.

What are the advantages of swimming courses for children?

In addition to developing coordination skills, swimming courses offer other advantages:

The Steiner swimming school, for example, which offers swimming courses for children in Vienna, writes on its website that it is not only about learning to swim, but also to develop a love for this sport. Swimming is very healthy if the children glide through the water with the right technique. If it is practised as a sport in a team, then valuable experiences such as passion, discipline and team spirit are added.

Of course, safety is also an important aspect. The earlier and the better children learn to swim, the safer they will be in the future when they move in the water. Because water is a beautiful, but also a strong element. Those who are familiar with it and show it the respect it deserves will be able to keep a cool head even in dangerous situations.

Physical exercise during swimming stimulates circulation and strengthens the immune system. Sport is and remains the best medicine against obesity. Swimming can also contribute to a better posture and thus avoid long-term back problems. Also the body feeling is positively affected. For adults it is nothing special anymore, but for children it is incredibly difficult to lie flat on the water surface with your back and let yourself drift. This shows the balance and motor skills behind water sports. In any case, it is very good when children master such complex movements.

When a family goes on holiday, it is a lot of fun, especially for the children, if they can move independently in the sea or pool. They are incredibly proud of themselves and it fills them with great self-confidence. Especially if they have already acquired the ability before entering school.

This means that swimming courses for children are more than just a way of getting them to move through the water. Their personality is also shaped by the fact that they learned at an early age and were able to achieve something through practice and diligence. This has an effect on their social behaviour. In addition, swimming lessons are usually offered at school from the 3rd class onwards. There a teacher is assigned about 20-25 children. In such a constellation learning is not as easy for them as in a swimming course, where the staff is specialized in this activity.