How to put GoogleAds to optimal use

When Google began its gigantic rise towards the end of the 90s, one of the big success drivers was Google AdWords. This innovative advertising system enabled users of the search engine to show ads that matched their search results. The rest is history. Google is now a quasi-monopolist in web search in most countries of the world and earns billions with web advertising. AdWords has now been renamed GoogleAds. Even today, this marketing tool is still a way to achieve gigantic sales increases as well as senselessly burn insane amounts of money. We’ll show you what to watch out for.

What opportunities does GoogleAds offer?

As an advertiser you can place ads on GoogleAds in two different ways:

  • It is possible to display your own URL above the search results.
  • Display ad blocks on the AdSense affiliate program members’ websites.

Google has optimized the algorithms so that users always see the ads that match their search behavior. As a result, the conversion rates of many advertisers have risen rapidly.

What are the risks with GoogleAds?

The starting point for good online marketing is really excellent. With GoogleAds, you can basically make sure that you reach the right people – and on a large scale. However, it’s a good idea not to use the tool without experience, but to use an agency or at least complete a GoogleAds training. For good reason:

The success of a GoogleAds campaign is not guaranteed. Before you take any money into your hands, you first need a suitable landing page that communicates a clear call to action. Many autodidacts neglect this part of on-page optimization. They book the keywords, they enter the click prices, the visitors come and then jump off after a few seconds because the quality of the page is not sufficient. Expert advice is definitely good here.

Another mistake is that users indicate too low or too high click prices. The former leads to the fact that the campaign hardly attracts visitors. The latter is also the reason why visitors come, but the increase in turnover does not justify the investment by far.

Many mistakes are also made in keyword research. Either there are too many, too few, inappropriate keywords or similar problems. So the traffic is guaranteed to stay off.

As you can see, there are many possibilities to lose money. A GoogleAds training, with an experienced provider, is definitely a good idea. There you will learn how to design your campaigns in such a way that your resources achieve the optimal yield. You will learn what to look out for on your landing pages, how meaningful keyword research works and how to choose the right click price.

Under these circumstances, GoogleAds can help you generate a true revenue boost.