Why you need to learn music theory become a good musician

Music theory – that sounds a little high-pitched. Therefore I would like to clear up a misunderstanding at the very beginning. The name “music theory” is misleading because it suggests a “theory”. The term theory is rather an idea or subjective interpretation, but it has not yet been proven. This is not the case with music “theory”. Rather, it is the collection of the real, concrete rules of music. Could someone play chess or learn a language without knowing the rules? Certainly not. Therefore it is about a deeper understanding of the systematics of music.

For those who want to master the game should know the rules better than anyone else. The rules of music serve to understand the music at all. So it is possible to make music or to listen actively – with the pleasure that this background knowledge brings with it. Music theory is a useful tool that all musicians should use – no matter if you play folk music, classical music or guitar in a rock band. The basis is always the same.

By the way, you don’t have to be able to play an instrument in order to enjoy, perceive and understand the music. Our singing voice can replace an instrument. Anyone who can speak can sing so far that it is sufficient to understand the music and to be able to make music singing.

Why learn music theory?

Playing chess is only really fun if you know and master the basic rules well. Understanding music is therefore necessary in order to understand it correctly. The only question is how and when to approach this?

Learning music theory makes it possible to understand the hidden values of music. Those who understand the meaning of the piece will have an influence on how they play it. If you want to read a text aloud, you also have to think about how you have to perform it, so that it looks alive and people like to listen to it. Good readers, actors can bring to life a text that consists only of letters. But to do that, they need to understand the meaning of the text. Not only must they have a good voice and the right breathing technique.

In the same way, good musicians can bring to life a score consisting only of notes. Playing the music so beautifully that it grips the listener. Music theory is a tool for all those who want to make music seriously. It will give you as a musician new kinds of creativity for your songwriting.

Music theory and the rules are very closely connected with our hearing. Often our hearing can understand something as abstract as music much easier and faster than through explanations. Therefore, ear training is an essential part to understand all this. Basically, everyone should be able to distinguish and name the tones, intervals and triads by hearing. Who already recognizes each tone from the sound, it is possible to play a piece directly. Or at least the parts you have remembered. This ability is essential when composing.

But that is not all. Everybody should know the power of the music, which is present in the background, and the rules of voice leading, structure and structure of the piece of music. If you acquire the basics of music theory, you can add new possibilities to your songwriting and make it even more efficient. But how could you learn the rules of music relatively quickly and effectively? It simply makes life easier if, for example, you know how chords are structured and how to combine them correctly.

Where can you learn music theory?

There is a simple and very inexpensive way to get deeper into this topic:


The website informs everyone in detail about the possibilities and methods. A knowledge base is offered there free of charge. Very popular is the free free councellor to the Download – the music 1 x 1 .

There you will find videos, texts and book recommendations about music theory. In addition, information about reading notes, voice leading and counterpoint is presented in a way that is comprehensible to everyone. With the unique music formula method everyone can learn the rules of harmony effectively and practically in self-study.

There you will get a completely new perspective on the music and will be able to master an instrument better. Dive into the secrets of music. With this knowledge in the background you will not only be better musicians, but also your perception will improve significantly. You will listen to music with the ears of a professional, so that acoustic impressions will give you new ideas and inspiration for your own music.