Renting out real estate faster – helpful tricks

Whether a product becomes a brand or whether it just remains an unnoticed object is decided by little things. Whether someone feels comfortable in a hotel is also decided by little things. The way the towels look, the cleanliness, the way the furniture looks, and so on. In any case, it is not the layout of the room. The situation is similar when property owners want to rent out their property. We show you how to find a tenant more easily and how to get more money out of the flat.

Renting with furnishings

Basically, people in our society are always stressed. No one has time for anything. Work and family demand enormous capacities. That’s why most people would rather get a flat where they only have to put their clothes in the wardrobe. Studies clearly show that it is easier to rent out properties if the kitchen, built-in cupboards and washing machine are already there. The tenants will then get the rest of the furniture themselves. But installing a kitchen requires a lot of work and the client is happy to save that.

Furthermore, it is an option to circumvent state restrictions on rental prices. Normally, it is the price per square metre that is regulated. Not, however, the fact whether the interior furnishings are also included per rent in the contract. But be sure to seek advice from a lawyer.

Street signs direct from the manufacturer

In most countries, street signs are issued exclusively by the municipality or a city. Nevertheless, it is possible to use their look to beautify an object from the outside. Especially if traditional enamel is used as a model for this. For example, you can buy street signs with curvature to decorate your private car park. The vintage look looks incredibly classy and always goes down well.

Accessories from the designer

The first step is for prospective tenants to see pictures of a flat, probably on an Internet portal. It has proven helpful to display small accessories with a premium logo proudly emblazoned on them. Blankets, handkerchiefs or cushions with Joop, Prada or Adidas etc.. This sight alone enhances the whole flat.

Curtains and pictures

Even if you have to take them down again. Empty flats simply look better in real estate photos when they’re witnessed with curtains and a few more pictures on the wall. These two furnishing items always stand out when they are not present. Even a fully furnished property would look bare without curtains. That is why they so quickly change the perception towards the positive.