Pipe blocked in the house – what can be done?

Anyone who sees a construction plan for the pipe system of apartment buildings as a sketch suddenly realises how complex it all is. Not only in the house itself, but also the connection to the municipal sewage system is technically highly sophisticated. Therefore, if there is a blockage in the pipes in the house, it could have many different causes. If this happens to you, you should definitely refrain from self-taught repair attempts. Often this will make things worse. What should you really do in such a case?

Clogged pipe – what to do?

As a person affected, you initially only get to see the end result of a blockage. The water in the toilet or sink does not drain. If this is the case, the experts at Dachau Pipe Cleaning advise you to proceed carefully and work systematically. Don’t rush things, otherwise it could be expensive.

If, for example, the toilet is blocked, then it is worth checking whether the drains attached to the same pipe are also no longer draining. If it is only the WC or, for example, only the bathtub, then this is a good indication that it is a local problem in only one place. In this situation, you can try a plunger or perhaps a pipe-free cleaner from the drugstore. Under no circumstances is it a good idea to get something acidic and pour it in. This could cause immense damage. Both to the environment and to the house. If the pipe cleaner, the long cleaning cable or the plunger do not help, then it is better to call a professional.

Especially if several drains are blocked at the same time. Then it is best to inform the sewer emergency service anyway. These experts have the best possible equipment to quickly find the cause. Often, different sections of the pipe are tested for permeability. This makes it possible to isolate the clogged area more and more. There is also the option of pushing a camera through the pipes.

There are many causes for blocked sewage systems. Perhaps a neighbour in the house has flushed too many large items. These became more and more and at some point the pipe was blocked. It is also possible that tree roots have penetrated the pipes. It is also possible that a huge lump of grease has formed somewhere that could no longer be removed. Each of these problems requires a different kind of action. Only an expert can offer such a solution. Pipe cleaning belongs in the hands of experienced professionals. Those who ignore this fact could pay dearly if the entire pipe system has to be renewed.