Local SEO for the gastronomy – Tips

As a restaurateur, the success of your business lies in delivering quality. Convincing guests with good food or good drink so that they come back. I should say, come back. The term already contains it in itself. It requires that the visitors find their way there. Half of them do it all by themselves. Probably because they live nearby. But the other half of the clientele usually consists of residents who do not yet know the restaurant and search for it on the Internet. This means: Google is something like the eye of the needle for restaurateurs, bringing them a large share of their customers. So how do you “serve” Google properly so that it brings in as many customers as possible?

Restaurants – typical SEO mistakes

What do most restaurateurs do with their venues? They create a homepage and a Facebook page. On the website they put their name, address and phone number. Then there is the menu. This is often stored on the server of an external provider. In addition, it is stored as an image file without the search engine being able to read the content. This means that Google does not even know whether burgers, bifteki, steaks or pizza are sold there. Afterwards, a photo of the team is uploaded, which is usually already outdated after one year because the staff changes. There is no other content.

Basically, Google only knows one thing: They run a Greek or a Chinese restaurant, etc. Everything else remains a mystery. Everything else remains a mystery. The fact that you also offer your location for weddings, company parties, christenings, only comes to the attention of those who happen to be passing by. That you have a cocktail happy hour – no one will know about that.

Gastronomy SEO – what to look out for?

It is important that you expand your thinking radius and prepare all your services with a suitable landing page full of content for Google. How is this meant? Think from the customer’s perspective. What could they be looking for?

One would like to eat spaghetti with shrimp. How do you find a suitable supplier? Another is looking for a wedding location in the Ruhr area. How do they find what they are looking for on your website? Some like a pool table, the other is looking for cocktails, etc.

For you, it means creating a list with all the important services you offer in your portfolio. Then you create a landing page for each of these. An example: You run a restaurant in M√ľnster and have steaks made of aligator meat. Therefore, you create a sub-page on which the topic is explained in detail:

  • Steaks made from aligator meat – how do they taste?
  • Aligator steak – where can you get it?
  • Eating aligator meat – how is it prepared?
  • Aligator steak – how many calories does it have?

Answer these questions with the content, so to speak. And in no time, all the people who want to try it will call you sooner or later. And so you do it for the cocktails, for the wedding location – simply for everything you would like to market.