How to make the Christmas surprise a breeze in the world of apps?

Christmas is fast approaching and it is becoming more and more common to buy Christmas presents online. It’s a way of avoiding the crowds, the rush, the long queues and then the need to deliver the presents to your home, which can of course be a hassle for larger gifts.

In today’s world, it is more common to subscribe to newsletters and buy gifts online in advance during sales, with delivery being taken care of by courier services. This way, we can spend the remaining time with the family in the Christmas market, drinking mulled wine in peace, and the family can prepare for Christmas in a more relaxed way, without the feverish rush.

However, there’s still the problem of how do we manage to buy the right gifts for family members? So that our gifts aren’t wasted money, so that we don’t have to bother with returns or add another dust trap to the shelf. Of course, it is also possible to give money or buy presents together, but then the surprise part of the Christmas gift is lost. But let’s face it, even as adults, we still want a surprise that’s really our heart’s desire.

Nowadays, apps offer good solutions to these problems. They can be downloaded to your phone with a click, they usually have a user-friendly interface and you can now find apps for almost all areas of life that make your daily life easier.

One such app that can be used to buy surprise gifts is the Volo app, an app not just for Christmas, but also for weddings, baby showers, birthdays. The app is a simple and easy way to tell your loved ones what you want to give them for these special holidays.

But how does this app work?

Within the app, you can create a wish list, meaning you can add multiple gift ideas to your list. Once the gift link is copied to the list, you can save and share the list with family and friends. The list can be anything, android phone, iPhone, whatever, as you just need to paste the link of each gift, so there is no need to worry that only gifts from certain brands can be selected.

Once the links have been shared, everyone can book what they want to buy. The app also takes care to ensure that only one person can book a gift, so you avoid two people receiving the same gift. This is perhaps an even more important feature for wedding gifts than at Christmas.

The person who receives the gift cannot, of course, see which gift has been booked or from whom. So the surprise can still be part of Christmas. The link also makes it easy to continue to buy presents online, so perhaps even grandmothers will find it easier to shop online than having to search the online world.

In the VOLO app, friends and family members can “friend request” in the app at the same time as making a reservation. When this is accepted, each other’s wish lists become visible. This makes Christmas surprises and gifts available for everyone in the family.