Environmental heat management

Summer is over and once again we can say that we have had a very hot summer. This is when many people start thinking about buying cooling and shading equipment for next summer. It is definitely worth thinking ahead, as the right combination can do a lot to combat the heat. It’s also worth starting to plan now, because with the right research you can find money-saving solutions, while protecting the environment.

Very often we think that installing an air conditioner will solve our problems, but then we don’t take into account the monthly electrical costs and the fact that air conditioners can cause joint problems if they are not installed properly, not to mention the environmental impact.

In many cases, good insulation can be achieved with proper shading, and when I did a little research on the subject, I found a surprising number of good solutions on the alu-zsaluzia site. There are several types of shading technology available on the market. The most popular of these are internal and external blinds, better known as reluxes and roller blinds, and awnings.

There is also a very wide range of internal blinds on the market to choose from to suit the interior of your home or office. There are aluminium reluxes, which thanks to their practicality are one of the most popular interior shades, suitable for both opening and tilting windows. Canvas roller blinds are more recommended for offices as a stylish addition. If you want a very elegant look, you can also ask for a Somfy electronically controlled, wired roller blind. In addition to dozens of colours, you can choose from translucent and light-blocking canvas materials, and the sky’s almost the limit when it comes to size. There is also a special shade called a band roller on the market, where two screens move overlapping each other, allowing you to vary the amount of light by means of the shade bands. Of course, the most popular type of strip curtain is also an interior shade, which I don’t think anyone needs to be introduced to, although I did find one here called the spaghetti strip curtain, which is made up of 3mm strands, giving a bold look to the interior.

External blinds can be used to achieve even greater thermal insulation. Of all the blinds, the aluminium blind is the most durable, as it is made of solid aluminium. The fact that the louvre blades are filled with special foam is very important for thermal insulation. This not only provides greater silence, but also good sound and heat insulation. When lowered, it provides almost complete blackout of the room. Both aluminium and plastic roller shutters can be ordered with Somfy electrical accessories, which ensure a comfortable and very elegant use. To achieve greater thermal insulation, it is worth planning with roller shutters already for houses under construction, as these shutters can be used as external roller shutters for shading existing windows, but also with a built-in housing for properties under construction.

Think carefully and plan ahead now for next summer with the right shading.