Office rental for up to a few hours, coworking is an innovative direction for any business

In my blogs, I write a lot about the latest innovative solutions for the 21st century, as the world is dynamically evolving, there are more and more small start-ups, freelancers, innovative businesses, who are free to create and like to work. They are able to imagine themselves in an unconstrained environment where they can create value through real, in-depth work, because inspiration often does not find you between 8am and 4pm, when you have to exist within a framework of necessity.

The covid has also pushed these changes in the direction of the home office, with many companies realising that working can be more efficient this way, and that fixed costs for maintaining offices can be significantly reduced.

Of course, whether you are a freelancer, a start-up or a larger company, you need an office, but not necessarily permanently.

More and more companies are offering office space services, fully furnished spaces with beautifully designed interiors, cleaning services even water-coffee and tea are available for a rental fee.

ShareSpace is a Polish founded marketplace transaction management site that helps find commercial office space for businesses of all sizes. Started in 2017 and initially focused on renting out meeting rooms and desks, they soon realised that many potential clients needed offices instead.

Today they are present in Germany and Hungary in addition to Poland. Users can browse through more than 100 offices with a very fine-grained search engine to help them find the right office, not only the one that best fits their company’s image and needs, but also the one that is suitably free in the timeframe they need. You can find pet-friendly offices or even offices with a games room.

The return on investment is also quantifiable, with freelancers and start-ups typically being able to rent for 80 per cent less than permanent leases, while larger businesses can save 20 per cent by using ShareSpace’s scalable, flexible space solutions, paying only for what they actually use. They can also find a 50 per cent discounted option thanks to Share Space’s fine search and expert assistance. In a coworking environment, a 13-15 percent increase in revenue is expected.

ShareSpace is also in constant contact with venue owners in the market to monitor and recruit new opportunities.

If you are looking to rent affordable office space, I recommend trying ShareSpace’s search engine, compare offices and tailor the results to your needs. That said, ShareSpace staff will be more than happy to help you.