Choosing the right vacuum cleaner

Hoovers are a topic around which life revolves rather less. In most cases, you buy one, it lasts 10-15 years and then you buy the next one. Nevertheless, you should think about the right device. After all, it has something to do with the quality of life and the daily cleanliness of the home.

Hoover – how it affects everyday life

In my case, I have always had a normal hoover, in this case from Siemens. Maybe I should have looked where the best hoovers are, or rather which ones they are. But I only bought it because it was on sale. So I didn’t pay much attention to it. The device works well, so it suits me.

The problem with a classic vacuum like this, however, is that it’s big and requires a power socket. Mine also comes with a bag. Well, buying bags is still bearable in terms of stress level. You can buy a pack of ten at the drugstore, and that’s enough for a while. It’s much more annoying with the power socket and the size. The device is so unwieldy and the cord is a pain in the ass, too. Getting it out of the storage cupboard and then going from room to room annoys me to no end. Socket in, socket out…. Pulling the cable behind me, making sure I don’t get caught. A nightmare for me. In the end, we only vacuumed once a week. And after a few days, the visual impact was noticeable.

So at some point I jumped over my shadow and bought an additional appliance. It is a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner. It is bagless and can be carried comfortably in one hand. These little Dyson devices are really good. For me, it could be the best hoover of 2021, but that’s just my subjective opinion.

Anyway, this is what the situation looks like with it now. When I see dust or other dirt particles on the floor, I immediately fetch the small Dyson from the charging station on the wall. I use it to clean quickly and the flat always looks good. Once a week, we clean intensively and use the big vacuum.

Since we have been using this solution, we feel much better in the flat. If there is dirt, a small cleaning is done within a minute. That is completely sufficient. This was only possible because the handy cordless vacuum cleaner can be used so quickly and easily. The dirt can then simply be tipped into the household waste, I don’t need to buy a bag. It couldn’t be easier.

Which hoover to choose?

For us, the question didn’t arise at all. We have both. In my opinion, everyone should choose the vacuum cleaner that is ideal for their purposes. In a small flat, a cordless vacuum cleaner is perfectly adequate. The larger the four walls, the more a classic hoover becomes necessary.