Why dancing is good for your health

The advantages of sport and exercise

We all know that sport has many positive consequences. Be it a lower body weight than a non-athlete, or the advantages of a trained cardiovascular system. However, many people think of sport as competitive sport and see it as an “all-or-nothing” principle. What do I mean by that? Quite simply. I often see this in my circle of friends and acquaintances. You have some who don’t do anything and others who do a lot. There are only a few in between. Those who don’t do sports set their goals too high and then fail. They do nothing and see the acquaintance as an alternative to doing nothing, who trains for 3 hours every day and has no life other than sport and work. But some sport brings more than no sport at all.

And I would like to take the term sport out of this and replace it with exercise. Because who would perceive walking as sport? It is not a sporting discipline, but it has positive effects on the human body. Not as much as “real” sport, but more than if you do nothing at all. In addition, as in many areas, the principle of diminishing marginal utility applies here. That is, the first 15 minutes per day bring movement the most. Further 15 minutes bring also still much, but not more so a large increase, like the first 15 minutes. and so on. If someone already makes 2 hours sport per day, then further 15 minutes will bring hardly anything still. On the contrary, the benefit can even decrease, as the body can no longer recover in the worst case and degrades.

One of my favourite activities, which are healthy for the body but not necessarily perceived as sport, is dancing.

What are the advantages of dancing?

Dancing is suitable for everyone. Since there are different dance styles, everyone can choose the right one.

The movement patterns and the rehearsing train the coordination and help to control the body better, which is also an advantage in everyday situations.

Since dancing trains the cardiovascular system, it helps against many different diseases of civilization. Here, too, there is the advantage that everyone can choose the style of dance that best suits their physical condition.

You can dance anywhere and only need a little space apart from music.

Where can you dance?

You can dance on many occasions. Be it a wedding, a dance club, a disco or even a birthday with a booked entertainer. Who lives near, or in Hamburg, should have a closer look at this page of this Event DJ near Hamburg. Booked for a company party or a birthday, such a DJ is a real highlight and dancing beyond that very healthy.