What does the perfect Autocad workstation need?

Autocad (computer aided design) refers to computer-aided design. It is a programme from the company Autodesk. Autocad is used to model mostly 3-D objects. It is used by engineers, mechanical engineers or architects for the graphical representation of 3-D objects. What other “soft” requirements are there?

What makes a good Autocad and CAD workstation?

How can the working conditions support an Autocad and CAD modeller? Whether in a home office or in a company, the workplace for designers should be set up in such a way that it enables concentration, in addition to a good IT infrastructure. Working on a laptop? Please don’t! Autocad designers, like other employees, need a workplace that supports their work. What are the special requirements for the workstation? Designers usually need several large monitors. At least 27 inches and more are suitable here. The screens should be the same height all the way to the edge so that the contrasts of the models can also be seen without effort. A good screen resolution also relieves eye strain.

What does a remote solution look like?

Autocad usually provides recommendations regarding the specific technical requirements for graphics card, hard disk size, processor or CPU. If the technical requirements are not available, the computer power can be rented online. With remote solutions, there is usually only a monthly rental fee for the computer. The prerequisite is a stable internet connection, otherwise it just costs unnecessary nerves. This not only eliminates the acquisition costs for a powerful computer, it also eliminates the need for regular hardware updates, as these are carried out directly by the provider. Occupational health and safety must also be guaranteed in the home office. This does not require the employer to carry out checks. The circumstances must be inquired about by the employer and the employees must be instructed accordingly. After all, the employer is also responsible for safe working conditions in the home office.
An ergonomic workplace

Those who develop Autocad and CAD models usually work for long periods sitting in front of the monitor. An ergonomic workstation is therefore very important. The optimal height of the desk and the office chair are important, along with the height of the monitor and the distance to the screen. For VDU workstations, lighting is also important. This is a bit tricky. For one thing, designers need lighting that allows even fine lines to be seen. At the same time, however, it should not dazzle in order to enable optimal work. An indirect image source is therefore recommended. The space required should be taken into account directly during the planning stage. In addition to the space for the monitor, there is also a possible space requirement for notes and sketches. The requirements for a good workplace go beyond pure hardware and software requirements.