Can jewellery still be a good gift nowadays?

Everybody knows that tastes and trends are subject to permanent change. This also includes the things you can give to your wife or partner to make her happy. That’s why every year many men ask themselves what to buy for their loved ones on their birthday, Valentine’s Day, wedding day, Christmas or any other day. There are now more than enough occasions. The question arises: Is jewellery still a popular gift today, or is it much too old-fashioned?

Are women still happy about jewellery today?
Well, those who seriously ask themselves this question should take a look at fashion magazines. They don’t just advertise clothes or hairspray. There are always also numerous advertisements for jewelers or an exclusive Jewellery Shops. Of course, women today still like to wear jewellery and they are of course happy when they get it. That’s a little like with flowers. They occasionally say that they don’t need them, but once they hold them in their hands, they are happy to receive this sign of attention.

Besides, there are numbers that don´t lie. In recent years, the German jewellery trade has reported a turnover of around 3.5 billion euros. The trend has always been slightly upward. In any case, this does not sound as if no one is giving away gold or silver accessories anymore.

However, some basic rules should be observed to ensure that the gift is well received. The most important of these is that the jewellery should suit the lady’s taste. The many premium brands for perfumes, bags, jewellery, watches or other luxury goods are always aimed at a specific target group:

  • The fashion-conscious, successful career woman over 40 or under 30
  • The young free spirit from a good home
  • The venerable, elderly lady from the upper class
  • etc.

These were just cliché examples. I’m just trying to show that when choosing a brand, it’s important to be guided by its target group. It is said, for example, that Chanel No.5 is THE perfume for the elegant lady over 40. If you give it to your 20-year-old girlfriend, you may have spent a lot of money, but you probably won’t hear any screams of joy. Therefore: Price is not everything. Always choose jewellery that fits the type.

Another important clue is the style of the recipient. In addition one should let the appearance pass best once again in review. Does she particularly like to wear gold? Or does she prefer silver? – Or silver in the look, but white gold from the material? If you take a closer look at your partner’s preferences, you will surely find clues as to what she likes and dislikes.

Because that’s exactly what giving is all about. It’s not the fact that you’ve reached deep into your wallet and just bought something. That’s not art, especially for wealthy people. More important is the fact that you can show that you know the other person, that you are interested in her preferences and that you have chosen the right gift.

I know from myself what happens when you work here carelessly. Someone once bought me an expensive perfume without asking me. It smelled so horrible that I could hardly bear it. My partner felt the same way. She almost got sick when I had it on me. This gift annoyed me immensely especially because it was so expensive. First of all, I don’t like it when other people want to impose their taste on me and aren’t interested in mine at all. And secondly, I was annoyed that I had to pour something so expensive into the manhole, because I didn’t find anyone who would have taken it from me for free. A terrible gift. This has nothing to do with jewellery, but the principle behind it is the same. Attention is the magic word.

Which jewellery should I buy?
You can’t give any general recommendations about which jewellery looks most beautiful. Nevertheless, you should consider some strategic decisions that are helpful when buying.

Making the right taste is one thing. But it also raises the question of whether what you buy is trendy or last year’s fashion that no one wears today. Very few of us are probably experts in this field. Before buying, it is therefore advisable to simply research the web to find out whether there are any trends at the moment. A short search in the search engine will quickly give you the right results.

Then you have to consider whether to go with fashion or buy timeless jewellery? Earrings with chains may be the trend in one year or another. Or rings with a big stone etc. May be chic, but will they still be the icing ot the cake in 3 years?

This topic is often also a question of the budget. Can I afford to give jewelry every year? Because if not, maybe it’s better to buy something that doesn’t look too extravagant. For example, a white gold ring with a diamond in it. The lady of the heart can probably wear it on her finger for the next 30 years. The same applies to simple but elegant pearl earrings, necklaces or similar timeless pieces.

Therefore: always think carefully when buying jewellery – then your partner will be happy and have something of it for a long time.