Best security for your bike

As you could easily see from the Fridays for Future actions, the environment is very important to the younger generation. Changes in lifestyle can be seen in the fact that fewer and fewer teens and twens are buying a car. At least in the cities. They prefer sharing and environmentally friendly solutions: bicycle and e-bike. In this segment they are quite willing to spend more money on quality. The only question is how to protect the vehicle optimally after purchase?


Optimal safety for your bike

Now that Germans are increasingly riding a bicycle or e-bike, quality plays a major role. After all, the bike should last as long as possible. But quality has its price. One problem with expensive purchases, on the other hand, is that the buyer takes a risk. In the event of an accident, the vehicle could break down. In the case of theft, the money would also be lost. This scenario is not unlikely. Bicycles, cargo bikes or e-bikes are not as well secured as passenger cars. Therefore the temptation for thieves to steal them is great. Reason enough to be prepared for it. To protect themselves against such losses, there are essentially two possibilities for owners:

Take out an insurance policy that covers the value in case of an emergency. Many insurance companies offer different products for this purpose. So it is no problem to find a provider for a cargo bike insurance, or for a special e-bike policy. The only important thing is that you read the terms and conditions very carefully when you sign the contract. They could include regulations on what security measures must be fulfilled in order to receive a refund in the event of theft. Or, which accidents are excluded from payment. It’s like cars – the notorious passages where collisions with cows, sheep or other animals are often excluded.

The second measure is more technical in nature. It is always amazing that people spend so much money on a premium load bike or on an expensive e-bike. But then they save on the lock. Please make sure you get a good lock. You can recognize it by the fact that a security class is deposited on the package. Although there are different scales of the providers for this. But most manufacturers use a uniform classification between 1 and 10, so if you are standing in the shop and are not sure which lock to choose, it is best to choose one that is from the highest class. The range of products on the shelves is usually already structured in such a way that the products are easily comparable – ascending from left to right or something similar. Also make sure that the packaging carries seals from well-known, independent testing institutes. Then you know that the quality will be okay.