Overcoming hopelessness successfully

In the current Covid crisis, mental illness and depression are spreading faster and faster. Often their causes are rooted in hopelessness. Characteristic of the condition is a severe narrowing of vision. Those affected have the feeling that they have no options left to act in a meaningful way. In addition, there is the subjective conviction that they cannot pull themselves out of the misery. How do you overcome such situations?

Of course, life before Corona was not always paradise either. But now the problems are piling up on us all much faster. For example, anyone who was on a job search just before the crisis will have had trouble finding something for a year. Contact blocks prevent us from maintaining friendships, singles lack an emotional retreat. The home office leaves us lonely. The situation is a disaster for children. At a time like this, it is normal to have a feeling where people think their options are generally very limited. But this feeling is subjective and can be influenced.

Rate your hopelessness on a scale

As a first step, it is helpful to rate your own hopelessness on a scale. This is best done several times a day. You will see that the mood can change every hour. This obviously means that the intensity can be influenced in principle. The regulator for this is located directly in your head.

Redefine your goals

Every one of us had dreams and goals when we were young, and later hardly any of them were fulfilled. This is completely normal in life. We have learned to deal with it. Before the pandemic, we also had “plans” for life: Meeting friends, being free, travelling, etc. But were these the only things in life that make you happy? Or are there other possibilities, such as: painting, listening to music, reading, walking?

Try to adapt your plans to the current situation. You will find more than enough options for fulfilling activities. Through them, you will soon feel like you have regained a little more control.

Learn from the past

Everyone has had periods in their life when things weighed so heavily that they were almost unbearable. Parents die, you get dumped, you lose your job, friendships break up over a stupid argument. All these things happen and feel terrible. However, you should also know that the intensity will decrease again. Our brain protects us and takes care of it all by itself. Even in the present time it can do that. You just have to trust it and let it.

Meditation and mindfulness

Remember a situation where you were once very happy. Every one of us feels good when we do this. In Buddhist teachings, it is precisely this feeling that is captured during meditation and maintained for a long time. Meditate for a few minutes with the aim that you permanently carry the state of this happiness within you. Do this several times a day. It will displace negative thought patterns and significantly improve your general condition again.