Gardening shoes – what to look out for?

Never before has one’s own garden been so important as it has been lately. The whole of Europe and the rest of the world has had to suffer from lockdowns and other restrictions on freedom. What luck for all those who own a garden. A place where they can enjoy nature and at the same time be safe. Safe because there are no crowds and no crowding. Garden maintenance is very popular at the moment. If you want to do this work like a real professional, you need the best equipment. Especially the right gardening shoes. We show why gardening shoes are so important and what you should look out for when buying them.

Gardening shoes – why are they so important?

The gardening season doesn’t start in July and August, when you can pull a few weeds and mow the lawn in the glorious sunshine. In fact, it starts as early as around March. This means that gardening shoes are used in both warm and cold seasons. So they have a special significance. They make some work possible that would not be possible at all without the right shoes. During this work, they have the task of protecting the health and safety of the wearer. Especially in spring, it is important to be prepared against wet and cold weather. There is also the danger of slipping. Without the right gardening shoes, the garden can hardly be spruced up.

When buying them, you should consider the following aspects:


Garden shoes have to withstand real strain. Work requires a lot of movement and sometimes one-sided strain. Therefore, solid material is essential. At the same time, it determines whether electrostatic charges occur due to friction. These can sometimes trigger painful blows.

The material of the sole is particularly important. It must be slip-resistant so that you do not injure yourself. In addition, it must not wear out too quickly.

Water permeability

Here you should plan very carefully which work in the garden will recur regularly. Do you stand in the pond or deep in the mud with your boots on? Or do you only occasionally walk through the damp grass? Depending on this, you should consider how strongly the shoes should protect against water penetration.

Thermal protection

This aspect is one that is related to the previous one. Do you stand in the pond when the temperature is just above zero? Do you walk through your grounds when it is freezing? Or do you save such jobs for the warmer months? In terms of warmth, you should assume that it is advantageous to be well prepared for the cold as well. Otherwise you will catch a cold in no time.

Air circulation

Some shoes are waterproof, but your feet can still breathe in them. This is because high-quality material has been used on the inside in the upper and sole. Cheap shoes tend to use rather simple materials. The question here is how often and how long you will stand in the shoes. Some can be worn all day without breaking a sweat. Other models should be taken off every hour or so. Sometimes, however, that is quite enough. So it’s a matter of careful consideration.