The effects of flowers on humans

What effects do flowers and plants have on humans?

The effects of flowers and plants on humans are constantly being investigated. Sometimes people talk about miracle effects. I myself have little to do with plants and flowers at home, but I enjoy spending time in nature. I like running and cycling in the woods. The air is good, it is quiet. I also have the feeling that the green colour of the plants has a calming effect.

The effect of flowers on the brain is also often discussed on the Internet. In many Internet contributions, a study is mentioned, which is to prove its positive effect. Unfortunately I do not find the original source.

But already with a little logical thinking one comes on the fact that plants and flowers affect the life positively.

It is mentioned that favourite flowers lead to the release of happiness hormones. That is also comprehensible, who surrounds himself with things which one likes, who experiences feelings of happiness, who surrounds himself with things which one does not like, who will not feel so good. This is best observed with music. The positive effects of one or the other musical style are often emphasized. But it’s more about listening to the music you like. Someone who likes Heavy Metal will experience positive feelings when listening to this music, those who don’t like it will quickly become aggressive. I notice that in myself, classical music makes me aggressive because I don’t like to listen to it. This is in contradiction to many studies, which give classical music generally positive characteristics.

That’s how it is with flowers and plants. Those who have a certain preference should surround themselves with these plants and flowers where they spend most of their time.

During my research, I also came across the idea that plants should increase mental performance. The cause is still unknown. Unfortunately, I found no primary sources here either. But this could be connected with my first point. If you react positively to (certain) flowers and plants, you will become more relaxed and can therefore tackle problems more efficiently than if you are tense and stressed.

Plants consume carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. People need oxygen for their metabolic processes and emit carbon dioxide. So anyone who has flowers and plants in their home enters into a perfect symbiosis. The air is fresher and this can also stimulate brain activity, as the brain reacts particularly sensitively to oxygen deficiency and thus leads to a reduced ability to think.

Plants are also optical eye-catchers. Especially flowers with their colourful blossoms make your home pretty. Those who do not like sterile furniture should decorate their rooms with flowers. Also here applies, who loves a Spartan style, he will not necessarily be happy with flowers, but should check whether plants fit stylistically. At least you should take advantage of the clean air.

There is another effect connected with this that is not directly related to the plants. It is about gardening. Who has a garden and cares for it, will profit from the positive characteristics of gardening. On the one hand one strengthens the circulation and the entire musculoskeletal system. Carrying bags of potting soil, digging holes, dragging watering cans, etc. This can be continued by regularly digging around the garden, planting trees, etc. If you want to optimize this, you should do without unnecessary support from machines.

In addition, the effect of staying outdoors means that the necessary vitamin D is formed on the skin by sunlight. This vitamin is necessary for many functions of the human body. A deficiency of this vitamin can have many disadvantages. Although there are foods that contain vitamin D, their consumption (milk, eggs) can have other disadvantages. Working in your own garden has other advantages, such as stress reduction and fresh air. Also the forced regularity leads to the fact that humans concern themselves with the garden. If the interest should diminish, then the garden would become overgrown. Especially if you have already invested a lot of time and effort, you will overcome yourself and go into the garden even in bad weather.


Flowers and plants can have a positive effect on human well-being. However, this does not primarily depend on the plants, but on whether the person likes plants and flowers. If he does not like flowers or plants, the presence of them will not have a positive effect on his mood.

However, clean air is a good argument for equipping one’s home with plants or flowers.