Marketing Flyers – old school or better than ever?

Nowadays everyone raves about the possibilities of digital marketing in Facebook or Instagram. In addition, huge amounts of money are pumped into Google ads in the hope that this will generate traffic. Does it still make sense to bring flyers to the people at such a time?

Why flyers still work today

One thing is clear, flyers still work today. The only thing is that they are not suitable for every company from any industry, but for special suppliers. These are the reasons:

At the top of the list is the fact that we live in an ageing society. In our country there are countless senior citizens for whom the Internet is still an absolute mystery, let alone the social media. These people need something tangible in their hands, otherwise they cannot be reached as advertisers. Just because of them, distributing marketing flyers makes sense, because this layer has money in rough amounts.

But also among the younger people there are always brochures, information sheets and flyers, which are quite gladly seen. For example the small leaflets of the food markets and drugstores. Families with children regularly search them for special prices because they would like to save on diapers. Price-conscious consumers of all ages are also welcome.

Furthermore, flyers are useful when it comes to offers that you could need regularly. For example the menus of restaurants. If they make a good impression, then many households put them on the pile and order then possibly sometime. The same applies to locksmiths, emergency plumbers, etc. These things are also hoarded, regardless of the age group of the recipients.

The situation is somewhat different with offers that are very special and are usually not kept in stock. This can also work, but the success rate is probably lower. For example, a studio for yoga. We occasionally had such brochures in our mailbox. Someone makes the effort and prints colorful flyers for a lot of money. These are distributed to households where 80% of the recipients may not even belong to the target group. Of course, a suitable pre-selection is difficult in this area. Such folders are torn frequently and thrown into the garbage. But even if it meets the right people, it doesn’t have to lead to success. Perhaps at the moment there is simply no need and the fewest file themselves then that. There must fit thus target group and time, so that success adjusts itself.

So the bottom line is that flyers can sometimes hit like a bomb, and on other occasions they can turn into a barrel burst. It is always important that the offers are those that have as wide a target group as possible and those that are gladly kept in stock because they could become important at some point. Then they still work very well.