The market for used industrial goods

Investing in the acceleration of your own work processes is a kind of cornerstone of successful entrepreneurial activity. Continuous improvement and cost reduction is the surest way to remain in the market in the long term. Because customers, especially in the B2B sector, expect regular efficiency gains. The only problem is that such purchases have to be financed. For this reason it is important to know that there is a gigantic market for used production equipment, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia. Numerous companies therefore offer services in the field of industrial dismantling.

According to which rules investments are made

Production costs for products are mainly made up of the cost of materials, depreciation for the necessary technology and personnel costs. These set screws can be turned.

New machines cost a lot of money and cause regular losses in value. But in return they save on personnel. In high-wage countries like Germany, it is worthwhile to rely more on automation in order to reduce the costs per product. In Eastern Europe and Asia, where wages are significantly lower, such investments make little sense. There it is better to put more workers into production and use older machines for this purpose. This is the reason why people in low-wage countries do not always work with the most modern technology, but rather deliberately use older equipment.

So whether a modernisation has a positive return on investment depends on how much personnel costs the purchase neutralises. An important factor here is also the production volume. With mass products, the fixed costs for a technical system are distributed much better than with small series.


Industrial disassembly – money for used technology

Investments must be financed. Therefore every company is happy if it can make capital out of the old things. So they have to ask the bank for less credit. Help is available from companies that specialise in the sale of used production equipment. That is, suppliers of industrial disassembly. These companies can also buy the complete used storage technology from you. They even come to the premises and take care of the removal. The same applies to machines of all kinds. Trucks, forklifts – simply everything. The Linde company, for example, maintains a huge storage area in the Czech Republic especially for this purpose, where old forklifts are given a general overhaul. On the Internet there are numerous portals that try to cover the complete domestic market of the EU for used machines and plants. This is a gigantic market.

The good thing is that there is a good chance that the return on an investment in rationalisation can be increased by selling your old equipment on the Second-Hand market for cash. Fortunately there are enough offers and possibilities for this.