Telephone service – internal or external: the advantages and disadvantages

A good telephone service is essential. In a short-lived era, customer loyalty is becoming increasingly important. Customers expect constant availability and service from companies. But many smaller companies or self-employed people cannot afford this. What possibilities are there to ensure a high level of availability by telephone?

What are the advantages of an external telephone service?

The employees are professionals. Telephone service is their job. What sounds so simple at first may not be so at all. Because not every customer is easy. Some customers simply feel misunderstood by a company and want to complain and find a solution to their problem. Solution orientation is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s where professionals are usually called for. The employees in the telephone service do exactly that. They find a solution together with their customers. They are trained in communicating with customers, whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied. They are trained in conducting conversations and sometimes even in psychology and therefore know how to deal with more demanding customers. But telephone service staff can often do even more. They can sell. They can make acquisitions. They are usually even trained in voice. They have learned to speak at a voice pitch that most people find pleasant and trustworthy. The result? Some customers just snatch the items on offer out of their hands.

Specific tasks for professionals

You have one big advantage: you are trained to do specific tasks. Not everyone can know everything. Telephone service staff have the great advantage that they are trained precisely on the tasks that are important. This enables them to provide information quickly and competently. Customers thus get what they are looking for: a competent and friendly telephone service with high availability. Routines have also been established in the telephone service that guarantee a high level of data protection at all times. Because: Professionals work here who are specialised in one subject. Have you once again been wrapped around the finger by a customer and didn’t mean to? Did a telephone conversation with a customer throw you off your game and you are still dealing with it quite a bit later? That’s what professionals in the telephone service are for.

What disadvantages can a telephone service have?

It is a pity, of course, that the customers are no longer known personally. At the same time, it is possible to build up a certain acquaintance and familiarity with some customers, because after all, it is usually the same customers who turn to the telephone service. The lack of staff contact is also a pity. The employees are not part of the team, but outsourced.

Ultimately, the advantages can outweigh the disadvantages. The decisive factor is the company’s own requirements and needs.