Job idea: how to becom a DJ or DJane

Many people would like to earn something in addition to their main source of income. For this, they usually look for suitable ideas for a part-time job. Today we are looking at an opportunity to do so: The job as DJ or DJane.

What does a DJ or a DJane do?

A DJ or a DJane takes care of the music at events. It is his / her job to select the music, titles and songs that fit the client’s needs and the purpose of the event.

Mostly a DJ or a DJane is booked for weddings, fairs, company events, birthdays and other celebrations. But sometimes also from discos or dance halls. That depends on whether you have a good reputation and how professional or with how much working time you can exercise the profession.

An extensive knowledge of music and a feeling for the right mood are essential. In the end, the DJ has control over the crowd and with the right music can seriously influence the experience of those present.

In the noble hotel at the beach bar, the party hits don’t do so well there, but high-quality lounge music is the order of the day. You have to know that.

At a wedding or birthday you also have to see who the audience is and from which generation the guests come. Not everyone is happy about 90’s HipHop in the background.

It is often a very narrow degree and if you do your job well, you take it all for granted. If you do it badly, the reputation is easily ruined.
How to become a DJ or DJane

The profession DJ / DJane is not protected. Purely theoretically everyone could get up in the morning and call himself DJ XYZ. It would be ok. Of course, you have to register a trade and then declare the income from self-employment with the tax.

It is very important for a DJ to have a certain understanding of technology. You have to operate a whole range of devices: CD player, mixer, MP3 player – depending on which devices you use to play the music. I’ve also seen in discos that the playlist comes from a computer. In any case, all these devices have to be integrated into the technology of the venue at an event and the DJ / DJane has to produce the optimal sound.

How much does a DJ or a DJane earn?
In terms of earning potential, it always depends on who the end customer is. Private celebrations bring less than a trade fair. But most DJs and DJanes start from 400 EUR for one evening. The border is open at the top.

At the beginning you have to invest a little money in equipment, but not to an extent that can drive you to ruin.

So if you have talent and know a lot about music, then a part-time job as a DJ or DJane is certainly a good opportunity to earn some extra money.