How residential facility and and psyche are connected

What came first? Hen or egg? Does sad music make sad, or do people listen to it because they already feel bad? In psychology, such effects are always seen in many different ways. If there’s a clear answer, it’s only that it’s sometimes like this and sometimes like that. Sometimes we ourselves are the cause, sometimes we are the effect. The same goes for the apartment and its furnishings.

Why home furnishings influences the psyche

Feelings, emotions and our personality always find their way. We humans express them in the most different ways. With our clothes, with our car, with our favourite music, with our own choice of words – all these things are mirrors of the psyche. Our living room furniture also speaks a clear language. Do strict people live here? Are they perfectionists? Or does someone with a sunny disposition live there? Do we love it plain and simple or decorated down to the last detail? Is there antique furniture everywhere or is modern design dominating? Which pictures hang on the wall?

It’s clear that thought structures are reflected in such elements. It is not without reason that after separations some people start to completely redesign their homes. Shops like can help. This is, because their mental constitution has changed. Suddenly you no longer like things that were once considered beautiful.

But much more interesting is the reversal of this effect. It is actually possible to steer your psyche in a certain direction – with the help of the furnishings. In our own home we spend a lot of time in life. The things that are standing there are permanently absorbed unconsciously by the brain. They affect cognitive processes in the head. They influence what and how we think. For example, if you go on holiday to the Caribbean, you can’t prevent yourself from gaining a zest for life. The flair, the palm trees, the sea, the sun – they leave their mark. But also the furnishings in the restaurant, the hotel room – the atmosphere is everywhere and it permeates your thoughts.

That’s why we can actively do something to steer our lives in a desired direction. For example, if you want to feel happier and freer in the future, you can redesign your rooms accordingly. Light-coloured furniture helps to achieve this. Or even bright, cheerful colours. Perhaps even in a certain style. One with which we associate positive emotions. The same applies to pictures on the wall and decorative items. In addition, it is sometimes helpful to do without things. There is something liberating about minimalist living styles. Everyone in a way that is good for him or her.

With such a change it is possible to establish a kind of emotional target state in your own home. In the course of time, this will also be transferred to the head and the basic mood will be established to a certain extent. It will definitely do you good.