Handicrafts with children – why they are so important

When children are born, you can literally watch in fast motion how their coordination builds up. First movements of arms and legs are followed by the attempt to use fingers etc. In this way the fine motor skills become more and more refined. Handicrafts play an important role. Parents should definitely integrate them into everyday life.

Why handicrafts are important for children

Fine motor skills are a tremendously complex subject. Adults who have had a stroke have to learn to eat with cutlery and to use the pen again. They need months of hard training for this. It is the same with children. For this reason, the employees in the nursery start giving them dough and encouraging them to draw. In addition, simple handicrafts are carried out and the careful use of scissors is also begun. This work continues in the kindergarten. The tasks become more and more demanding, so that the manual skills can be developed further and further. The school also encourages further development later on.

Parents should also support this process. When it comes to coordination, practice is the only effective means. The movements must be repeated hundreds or thousands of times. With each attempt it gets a little better. Children usually have a lot of fun. Especially if you use interesting materials. For example, there is really great glitter for crafts. These are little stars, balls or hearts that are brightly coloured. The little ones love to work with them. Objects can be made more beautiful with their help. They simply become spectacular when used.

The YouTube channel of Lrisy provides a few good examples. Here is a video about it:

The advantage of such glitter components is that they significantly increase the fun factor. They look incredibly beautiful for children’s eyes. So you can easily get children to do handicrafts. Another advantage is that their use promotes very versatile movements. Taking the small glitter stones out of the pack, placing them on the sheet requires precision. Some of them are attached with glue. This means that the little hands have to practice attaching them correctly.



Handicrafts are more than just entertainment for the youngsters. Rather, it is a very important method to promote both creativity and coordination. The earlier they develop these skills, the better it is for their development. After all, the easier it is for them to later learn skills that build on them. To ensure that the youngsters enjoy this activity as much as possible, you should provide variety in the materials used. The choice for this is certainly huge.