Getting along with IT as a freelancer – here’s how it works

My job is not an everyday one. I earn my income through various websites, as an SEO expert, trainer and as YouTuber. A whole bunch of jobs that require different skills. What all these jobs have in common is that I need different tools for each area of my work, which have to do with technology and IT. Nevertheless, I have never spent a single cent in my life for a technical consultant, I do everything myself. Many of my friends, readers and course participants ask me how I manage all this. Here I explain it.

How I get IT problems solved

In the course of my work as an internet earner, I have had to deal with countless technical problems. Creating a website, installing WordPress on a server. – these are still the easy things. I have taught myself all these things. Simply because I did not want to spend hundreds or thousands of Euros on something that might turn out to be a money grave later on. I also made the experience that you can always find instructions for every imaginable program and technical device in the world on the web or a video on YouTube. Even for absolutely unusual things, which show extremely special applications. See the video:

I still experienced them, the beginnings of the World Wide Web. At that time, people created websites to share their knowledge about topics. Just like that, without the intention of making a profit. Later, with the help of Google AdSense and other advertising programs, there was the possibility to make money. Why not. After all, that’s where webmasters do the work and produce content that is useful for the readers. That is what it is all about in the end.

Today there are still countless sites that work like this. For example this IT expert, where you can get technical advice at any time. So the community still holds together.

For example, once I had to change the drive in my notebook from HDD to SSD. I got the solution from the web. For YouTube, I used to cut and edit films using Windows Movie Maker. I have seen how to do this on the Internet. How can I adjust the volume of MP3 files with Audacity? Also here, found on the web Over the years I have accumulated a huge amount of knowledge with countless tools.

Many of my acquaintances now ask me about technical problems. My first answer is always: “What did your Google search result in?” – Mostly they look then and don’t come back because they find something. That is the winning method behind it. It consists of outlining the problem in a way that the search engine can understand. Then you get the instructions at the push of a button. Concrete examples would be these here, which I know from my everyday life:

“Upload WordPress to Server”

“Insert Movie Maker Subtitle”

“Install Medion Wlan Repeater”

“Remove hard disk Siemens Amilo Notebook”

If you can bring your aches and pains to the point, you will usually get help. Out there on the Internet there is a huge community of people who are happy to support you.